Dance is an art that requires dedication, hard work and an overall desire to have fun while doing so. At Dance Nation Company, LLC, we have a great staff that embodies all of these features and more. From the years of practice and growth to the fun and bubbly personalities that lead these classes, the individuals teaching the dance classes here will provide you with a great experience each time, as you grow in your skill set. Meet the wonderful individuals that teach at Dance Nation Company, LLC here!

Angel Merritt

Angel Merritt
Ballet, Tumble Tots, and WERQ Instructor

Dance Nation Company, LLC was founded in 2013 by Angel Merritt who is originally from Detroit, Michigan. Angel began dancing at the age of 7 years old and danced until high school when she decided to focus on her other passion, varsity cheer-leading. Angel’s dance background includes jazz, ballet, modern, hip-hop and liturgical. After high school Angel decided to focus on dance again and joined her college dance company.

Angel earned her Bachelor Degree in Business Management and is the proud mother of 4 daughters who all love to dance. With the support and encouragement of her husband, family and friends, they pushed her to fulfill a lifelong dream and open Dance Nation Company.


Cheria Meaux
Zumba Instructor

After attending a leadership seminar that highlighted the benefits of Wellness initiatives in the workplace, Cheria decided to kick start a wellness initiative for colleagues and peers in her department.  The consensus was to have an after work exercise class and  Zumba® was the class of choice.  She instantly fell in love with and became passionate about Zumba ® from participating in the after work Zumba® class at her company. Cheria had participated in other exercise classes but was able to stick to Zumba®.  After being encouraged by her Zumba instructor  to pursue teaching, she began leading two  Zumba® groups  and went on to become a trained and licensed Zumba® instructor in December of 2012.   Cheria attends official Zumba® Jam Sessions for instructors and classes at other studios to enhance her skills and keep her classes fun and fresh! She looks forward to sharing her love of Zumba® with you!


Amanda Sherlock
Belly Dance Instructor

Amanda began her dance journey shortly after moving to MI from upstate NY in 2008. Having no prior dance experience, she was intimidated by the thought of taking any form of dance class. With motivation and inspiration from her first teacher, Cheri Sing, she dove right in and has been dancing ever since. Amanda has also been studying African Dance for the past two years. Amanda performs with Tribal Roots Fusion Belly Dance and Tree of Life Drum and Dance Society.


Nicole Gerou
Pre-Ballet and Tap


Nina Sims
Tumble Tots


Denise Latten-McQueen
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and African


Luciana Porter


Meaghan Markiewicz
Hip-Hop Instructor

Meaghan is a recent graduate of Lawrence Technological University, where she danced on the LTU Dance Team for five years and strengthened her passion for dance due to the great coaches that lead the team . LTU performed a variety of styles including, jazz, pompon, hip hop and mixed genres. In addition, Meaghan very much enjoyed choreographing a number of unique hip hop dances for the team. She continues to take dance classes at local dance studios to enhance her skills and choreography due to her love of dance.