It isn’t the first time it’s been said, but dance is an incredible workout. At Dance Nation Company LLC, we know this to be true. In fact, it’s the very reason that we offer dance classes that are focused on workouts. If you’ve been interested in trying one of these classes, but aren’t genuinely sure whether or not you’ll see benefits, here are just a few of the reasons that you should consider signing up.


As we get older our bodies begin to lose flexibility, but this becomes the case even more so if we aren’t constantly working to improve and maintain our flexibility. One of the primary reasons that dance is so incredible is because we ask you to work on your flexibility, challenge your flexibility, and at times, create and build upon an entirely new flexibility. You will see that with the more classes that you attend, the more your body will begin to react and comfortably control this flexibility.


How many times have you thought to yourself, “I just wish I loved cardio”? You are not alone in this thought. Not all of us were built to be marathon runners, Olympic swimmers or competitive athletes of any sort, and so the word “cardio” can be daunting enough in itself. Well, there’s good news. Cardio doesn’t have to be terrifying. Dance is actually one of the best ways to get cardio done without having to over exert yourself or put too much strain on your body. You’ll see that you wind up burning hundreds of calories while actually enjoying yourself, and at the end of the workout you’ll be drenched in sweat without ever catching side glances at the clock or wondering if there’s some excuse you can use to get out of class early. This is a fun, effective way to get some cardio into your routine.


One of the main reasons that people quit working out or exercise routines is because they get bored. Not only can routine be challenging on your body, but it is challenging on our minds. This may be the case for running, lifting weights, or even yoga, but it surely isn’t the case for dance. Each song brings a different beat, and when there are dozens of different genres, hundreds of different artists and thousands of different songs, the chances of doing the same dance twice is pretty uncommon. You’ll constantly be changing up your routine and doing it in a way that is creative and incorporates your emotions.

Dance Nation Company LLC is excited to show you that working out can be fun and that you can definitely see results by doing so. Check out the schedule that we have or call our office if you have any questions. Our team of instructors are driven by a passion for dance, which makes it incredibly easy to lead a group and help you make the most of it. Sign up for one of our dance fitness classes today, you won’t regret it.